Richfield Springs NY Lawn Care Services

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Landscape Maintenance

Lawn with Mow LinesAs a family owned and operated landscape business in Richfield Springs, NY, Boss Landscape specializes in lawn maintenance services for homeowners and businesses throughout Cooperstown, Fly Creek, Jordanville, Springfield, Mohawk, Ilion, Hartwick, and Herkimer. Our team can help you determine customized treatment options to maintain and preserve the health of your lawn. Some of our landscape maintenance services include:

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Grub and Weed Control
  • Lawn Renovation and Restoration
  • Aeration
  • Seeding

Mow and Maintain Lawn

Lawn MowerIf you need your grass cut on a weekly basis, call today. We offer professional lawn mowing and maintenance services at competitive prices. Let us save you the time and hassle of maintaining your lawn.

Shrub Pruning

Do you need shrub pruning services? We offer quality shrub pruning for jobs large and small. Natural shrub pruning promotes healthy growth, dense foliage, and results in an attractive, three-dimensional view.

Perennial Bed Care

Most perennials require some maintenance to look and grow their best. We strive to enhance your perennial beds with services such as cleaning out weeds and leaves, removing dead flowers and branches to promote health, trimming to ensure flowering, mulching, fertilization treatments, and more!

Mulch Delivered and Spread

Garden Bed with MulchWe offer mulch delivery and spreading services. You can rest assured you are receiving quality products that will improve your home or business's exterior. Contact us at Boss Landscape today to learn more!

Brush Hog Services

Are you looking for brush hog services? Brush hog mowing involves using specialized mowers to cut down tall grass and underbrush in areas that have not been mowed or maintained for a long period of time. Call us today at 315-868-6705.

Minor Grading or Re-sloping

There are many instances in which you may need grading or re-sloping services. Landscape grading is an essential aspect to provide a foundational structure to your drainage systems and landscape features. Whether you need grading for a deck, driveway or retaining wall, rely on us for professional service every time.

Snow Removal

At Boss Landscape, we also provide snow plowing services. We have the ability to remove large amounts of snow with our heavy-duty equipment. From parking lot snowplowing to driveway snow removal, call us now so you don't get stuck in the snow!

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Service Areas Include: Cherry Valley, Cobleskill, Cooperstown, Dogleville, Hartwick, Herkimer, Jordanville, Richfield Springs, Rome, and Utica, NY